Hello friends!! It’s that time of the week again! Does anyone else look forward to these days or is it just me? And if you do look forward to it, do you try to figure out who the character will be? That’d be a fun little game to have, maybe we should do that. We can call it “Guess the Character of the Week.” Eh, we’ll work on it. But anyways, let’s get down to business. Today’s character is…well they’re not hated per se but they’re not overly liked, unless you understand that the author messed up because then you’ll love this character. A couple friends and I would defend this character to the death and we will not stand for any hate against them. Wondering who it could be? Well, I’ll tell you!

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Teresa Agnes!


For those who don’t know, Teresa Agnes is a character from the popular dystopian YA series, The Maze Runner by James Dashner. The series is essentially about a group of boys stuck in a giant Glade surrounded by a maze, not only having no way out but having little to no memories. Teresa shows up maybe a third of the way in and she is the only girl amongst this group. She spends most of the first book in a coma but when she wakes up she quickly bonds with Thomas, the protagonist, who she has a strange telepathic connection with. The best thing about Teresa is that she can hold her own amongst these boys and against the dangers of the maze. She is never afraid to fight and she will unapologetically do what she thinks she has to do. There’s this mess in the second book of the series where Teresa “betrays” Thomas which caused a lot of people to hate her. But if you think about it, Teresa was only doing what she thought was right. She was more or less threatened with Thomas’ life if she didn’t “betray” him and she thought that this was the only way to save him. When I first read this, I think I was 18, I didn’t agree with what Teresa did. But I read that book again a year or so later and I came to understand what she did. She’s tough, she’s smart, and she’ll protect anyone she loves. If only the author didn’t ruin her character and put her in the middle of a dumb love triangle. Teresa Agnes deserved better.


  • Her real name isn’t actually Teresa, since those who went into the maze were named after famous historical figures
  • She has dark hair and blue eyes
  • She has a telepathic connection with Thomas
  • She is essentially the catalyst that leads to escaping in the first book
  • She used to work for WICKED, aka the creators of the maze
  • She also appears in the prequel, The Kill Order
  • Thomas thought she was dead when she first came up into the maze, but was the prettiest dead girl he’s ever seen


  • “Ah, my knight in shining armour. What, you don’t think I can fend for myself?”
  • “Saving you was worth losing what we might’ve had.”
  • “It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us.”
  • “That’s just my way of saying I would’ve killed you if you’d died.”
  • “I’m sick of apologizing. I did what I had to do.”

2 thoughts on “CHARACTER OF THE WEEK ♡ JUNE 30

  1. Nice post and choice of a character. I mean, I actually tried to read The Maze Runner about two years ago, but for some reason didn’t get to finish, so I didn’t get far enough to see Teresa wake up, but from the way you describe her here I might want to pick up that book again and read about her.

    ~ Cec @ Yellow Eccentricity


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