Hello friends, it’s time for yet another COTW!! I like how I always tell myself Thursday night that I’ll get my post up sometime in the afternoon and it’ll be perfect but I constantly get distracted and forget. But it’s ok because the only thing that matters is that I get my post up before the day is up. Anyways, the character I have chosen for this week is one that I’ve been wanting to write about ever since I started this but I kept laying off them because I didn’t think it was the right time. But earlier this week I actually made a little shout out to them in another one of my posts and I felt like now was the perfect time. This character is so unbelievably special to me and has a big part of my heart. I first met them two and a half years ago when I read the series they appear in and a lot of things about that series changed my life, but mainly it was this one character.

Without further ado, this week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Maxon Schreave!


For those of you who don’t know, Maxon Schreave is a character from Kiera Cass’ series, The Selection. This series has been described to be like The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor, which it is, but it’s also more than that (I won’t get into it now though). Maxon is the prince whom the protagonist, America Singer, meets through the Selection process. The purpose of the Selection is for Maxon to find a wife from the other castes in the country, meaning she’s a “normal” girl. Prior to meeting him, America assumed that Maxon is arrogant and cocky but she couldn’t be more wrong. Maxon is the kindest, sweetest, and dorkiest person ever. He’s always so nervous around her because he doesn’t really know how to talk to girls, let alone flirt with them, and he just wants to be nice to her always. He makes playful bets with her which allows them to have “dates” if he wins (which he does) and while their relationship begins as a reluctant friendship Maxon eventually wins her over. To me, Maxon is everything. If it’s not the brooding bad boy I’m falling for it’s the bashful prince, which is exactly what he is. He always says the right thing and would do anything to prove his love to America, making my heart swell. One of my favourite things he ever did was when he promised America that he’d never write her a love letter but weeks later, when she left the palace temporarily, he wrote her one letter for every day she was gone. *swoon* I love him beyond words; he’s everything to me.


  • His full name is Maxon Calix Screave
  • His birthday is August 23
  • He has chocolate brown eyes and honey blond hair
  • He is the prince of Illea
  • He loves photography
  • He is very compassionate and generous but is also a very private person


  • “You are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good. Without you, my life would still exist but that’s all it would manage to do.”
  • “You’ve changed me forever. And I’ll never forget you.”
  • “Break my heart. Break it a thousand times, if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”
  • “If you don’t want me to be in love with you, you’re going to have to stop looking so lovely. I’m not kidding. You’re too beautiful for your own good.”
  • “[What am I supposed to call you?] Your Royal Husbandness. It’s required by law, I’m afraid.”



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