Hello everyone, it’s time for the second Top Five Tuesday!! I didn’t forget this, I promise. I actually had this week’s top five figured out for a while so kudos to me. Since last week’s Top Five was about Young Adult series, I thought it was only right to make this week’s Top Five about New Adult series!! It’s also quite fitting since I heavily focus on both series so it works from every angle. Narrowing down my top five favourite NA series was pretty hard but I think I’ve got a pretty solid list. As per last week, this week’s list will be in no particular order because I’d probably hurt myself trying to rank one above the other.

Without further ado, here is this week’s Top Five Tuesday: NA Series!


I. Love. This. Series. You know how everyone has that one series that makes them so happy and comforts them and just makes them feel safe? This is my comfort series. Off Campus revolves around a group of university hockey players, who all live in the same off campus house *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*, and their respective love interests. It’s hilarious, it’s sexy, it has deep and heavy moments, and it’s just great all around. Oh, and let’s not forget how the first book has the almighty fake dating trope! It’s beautiful! My favourite book of this series, however, is definitely the third book of the series, The Score, which revolves around Dean and Allie, my favourite characters; I will never get bored of this book. This series is one that I recommend to anyone who wants to get into NA because of how enjoyable it is. I’ve read the entire series three times now so that should show you where I stand with it.


This series was actually my very first NA series and it’s so special to me. Initially it begins with the story of Lily Calloway, sex addict, and her best friend turned boyfriend Loren Hale, alcoholic, and how they work to overcome their addictions both together and apart. Along the way, K&B made a “spinoff” of this series about Lily’s sisters, Rose and Daisy, titled Calloway Sisters. While it can be its own standalone series, it definitely falls under the whole Addicted umbrella. There are so many heavy subjects and moments in this series that can make it difficult to read but it’s worth the journey. Lily Calloway is my favourite female character ever and I relate to her so much. I’m not sure who I’d be without this series.


This series broke my heart. Just from the prologue alone I was a sobbing mess and then you get to Becca’s story and your heart is essentially ripped out. This series is about a boy named Joshua who became a single father at 17 (though you meet him when he’s 20) and does everything he can to support his son, Tommy, and Becca who moves in with her grandmother…..who just so happens to be housing Joshua as well. The thing I love most about this book is how it dealt with mental illness and how well it explained it. It’s not perfect but out of all the mental illness representation I’ve seen it’s really high up there. This book will make you laugh and cry but it’s so worth it. Trust me.


If I had to pick just one Kristen Callihan series, it’d definitely be Game On. While I LOVE her VIP series, I don’t know what she’s doing with the third book and that really worries me. But with this series I’ve loved (almost) every second of it. I will admit that the first book is not Callihan’s best work but the rest of the series proves how great of a writer she is. This series is about a bunch of football players (yes, I like my athletes, ok?) who played together both in college and in the NFL. There’s a little bit for everyone in this series from the classic hookup to friends-to-lovers and some really great characters. One thing you need to know is that while these boys are football players they’re not your typical jocks and that’s what I love most about this series. Kristen Callihan is just the best and she can never let me down.


While I love Emma Chase’s other series, Tangled, I actually skipped a book in that series because I didn’t want to read about that couple (it didn’t make sense ok?? It should’ve been only about Drew and Kate) and I prefer this series more. First of all, it’s about fricking princes. What’s my other weakness? Oh, that’s right, PRINCES. Nicholas and Henry are so great in their own right and their girls, Olivia and Sarah, are honestly amazing. It’s so funny and there are so many sweet moments; it’s impossible not to love this series. The first book focuses on a royal falling for a commoner trope while the second has hints of The Bachelor to it. The final book (maybe?) of this series is being release next month and I CANNOT WAIT! Chase decided to use the “falling for your bodyguard” trope and I’ve been bouncing up and down since the official synopsis was released a few months back. There are so many laugh out loud moments with this series and with Chase’s books in general and it makes the reading experience so much better. Again, I highly recommend this series.

Welp, those are my Top Five NA Series!! I know there are a bunch I’ve forgotten and some that deserve to be on this list but because I skipped a book in the series I can’t really include them. While most of NA follows the same format, these are the ones that I feel really stand out.

What are your Top Five series?? Leave a comment below!!


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