Hey guys! I hope everyone’s had a good week! I wish I could say the same but sadly I caught a cold this week and it hasn’t been fun. But that’s not gonna stop me from our weekly love fest! Now, the character I have chosen for this week is, again, very special to me. The book they appear in is one of my ultimate favourite books that is so near and dear to my heart and completely underrated. This character is probably one of my favourite YA protagonists. They are so badass and smart but at the same time they hurt and break. I’ve already talked about their counterpart in one of my previous COTW’s so if you’ve been paying attention that should be a good hint.

Without further ado, this week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Mackenzie Bishop!


For those of you who don’t know, my girl Mackenzie Bishop is from the amazingly underrated series The Archived by the queen herself, Victoria Schwab. If you’ve read my COTW about Wesley Ayers, and my post about my favourite YA Series, you should already know what this book is about and how much I love this series. But what you need to know about Mackenzie is that in the world of The Archived, she’s known as a Keeper. A Keeper is someone who essentially hunts down the dead, those who have “woken up” for some reason, and has to catch and return them before they go dark (there’s an actual term for this but I can’t remember it right now). Mackenzie is very good at her job but it also takes a huge toll on her. One of my favourite things about Mackenzie and her story is how it explores the idea of “it’s ok not to be ok.” She goes through kind of a dark time where she can’t sleep or if she does sleep it’s filled with nightmares and all of this is affecting her mental health. It’s only when she acknowledges that she’s not ok, and it’s ok not to be ok, that she starts to overcome all of that. And it’s also when she realizes that it’s ok to let people into her life, especially Wesley. She needs him as much as he needs her and while Mackenzie doesn’t know how to let people in she learns to do so for Wesley. In that aspect I definitely relate to Mackenzie a lot and I love and respect her for all of her Keeper badassness (I know that’s not a word and I don’t care!). She’s one of my favourite female characters ever and I’m so happy to know her.


  • She has grey eyes and auburn hair (according to Wesley)
  • Nicknames include Mac and Kenzie (but only her grandfather called her that)
  • Her “noise” is described as thunderstorms
  • Like Wesley, she also likes the colour black
  • She was one of the youngest Keepers to ever been “inducted” at age 13
  • She named her bike Dante
  • She prefers to fight with her hands rather than a weapon


  • “M. That’s what I call her, this normal, nonexistent me. It’s not that I’ve never done those things, kissed or danced or just “hung out.” I have. But it was put-on, a character, a lie. I am so good at it—lying—but I can’t lie to myself. I can pretend to be M; I can wear her like a mask. But I can’t be her. I’ll never be her.”
  • “I need to remember. To be better. Stronger.”
  • “This is new to me, Wes. Sharing. Having someone I can share with. And I really appreciate your help — That sounds lame. I’ve never had someone like… This is a mess. There’s finally something good in my life and I’m already making a mess of it.”
  • “I am not afraid of nightmares, because mine came true and I lived through them.”
  • “I have to wonder if he has masks he wears, too. Maybe we all do.”

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