Hello friends!! It’s yet another Friday which means it’s time for our weekly lovefest. Now, this week I’m gonna do things a little differently for two reasons: one is that I’ve been battling a cold for over a week now and it’s just come back so my energy is pretty low and the other is I just can’t decide which character to pick today. So today, instead of talking about a literary character I’ve decided to talk about a television character. I know you’ll all forgive me for this and it’s good to change things up. Now, a lot of TV characters are special to me but there’s one that owns my heart like no other. They came to mean so much to me in very little time and if you know me, you probably already know who I’m talking about.

This week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

John Young!


For those of you who don’t know, John Young is a character from the 2013 show The Tomorrow People on The CW. While the show only lasted one season (and I’m still mad and bitter about it) it’ll always be one of my favourites. The premise was essentially about the “next step” in human evolution where they would develop powers known as the three T’s: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. These people, known as “tomorrow people” are also hunted because some people, known as ULTRA, believe them to be a huge threat so they’re forced to hide underground. John is more or less the leader of these people and he does everything he can to protect them. But he makes mistakes. God, does he make mistakes, but when all he knows is fighting to survive it’s only natural to make mistakes. It’s mainly his secrets that become the source of his mistakes but again, he’s just trying to survive and protect his people. He’s never afraid to back down from a fight and utilizes his powers to get the upper hand. But he also has a soft side, offering to cook for Stephen’s family and look after the younger Tomorrow People. I love John with all my heart and I miss him every single day.


  • He’s played by Luke Mitchell
  • He used to be an ULTRA agent and was recruited out of the foster system
  • He’s never found without his lucky leather jacket
  • Tomorrow People shouldn’t be able to kill but John can
  • He has a pretty big domestic side
  • He’s simultaneously in love with Stephen Jameson, Cara Coburn, and Astrid Finch


  • “I’ve always been fighting to survive. I never thought about how I’d wanna live if I had the option. Never had dreams like that.”
  • “Fear doesn’t have to own you. Fear is something you can control.”
  • “Kill or be killed.”
  • “I’m human, not useless.”

Until next time,




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