Hello friends, and happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week. It’s time for another COTW and as usual, there are so many great characters to choose from that I can never seem to decide who to do. But as I was thinking, there was one character that entered my mind and didn’t seem to want to leave so I took it as a sign. This character is, well let’s say they’re unique. They come off as one way but are actually another way, which isn’t THAT unique but there are other things that make this character unique. I’m not really the biggest fan of the work they appear in, but I’m a huge fan of the character. Any guesses yet?? Hmmm.

Without further ado, this week’s character is…..

*drum roll*

Ronan Lynch!


For those of you who don’t know, Ronan Lynch is a character from the series The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. The series is about…..well, I’ve read the entire series and I’m still not sure what it’s about. I know there’s these boys that go to some prep school that are apparently looking for some dead Welsh king who supposedly grants a wish, and then there’s a girl who lives in a house full of psychics. It’s really confusing and lowkey overrated but that’s another thing. Ronan is one of the boys that goes to this prep school and for me, he’s my favourite part of this whole series. He’s your typical generic bad boy with that couldn’t care less persona but he’s also super gay and it’s awesome. I love how much snark comes from Ronan and how he pretends like he doesn’t care about anything or anyone but he really does. He cares so much about his friends (he really cares about Adam if you know what I mean) and even though he’d deny being friends with Blue, he cares about her too. His role in this series is being the Dreamer, which basically means he can go into his dreams and take things out of them, like his pet raven. Yes, he has a pet raven. He’s also SUPER Catholic, like way more Catholic than I am, which is hilarious and ironic and it’s why I love him. I feel like Ronan doesn’t really get all the love he truly deserves but that’s what I’m here for. Apparently he’s getting his own trilogy which is GREAT, but I’m still mixed about the author so we’ll see…..


  • He is the Greywaren
  • He comes from a very Catholic Irish family
  • His pet raven is named Chainsaw
  • He knows Latin and can apparently talk to trees (who also speak in Latin)
  • He has dark brown hair, which is often buzzed, and blue eyes
  • He takes care of his family’s farm
  • He often takes part in drag racing
  • He’s known to be dangerous and confrontational
  • He hates lying
  • He has a tattoo of a raven on his back
  • His boyfriend is Adam Parrish


  • “I am being perfectly fucking civil.”
  • “Maybe I dreamt you.”
  • “I guess now would be a good time to tell you. I took Chainsaw out of my dreams.”
  • “Look, Sargent, I was gonna dream you some eye cream last night since clearly modern medicine’s doing jack shit for you, but I nearly had my ass handed to me by a death snake from the fourth circle of dream hell, so you’re welcome.”
  • “And here was Ronan, like a heart attack that never stopped.”

Until next time,



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