Hello friends, it’s time for another Top Five Tuesday!! For today’s list, I’ve decided on something that’s rather simple and self-explanatory. We all have our favourite literary quotes that mean a lot to us. Hell, there are even quotes from TV and movies that end up meaning something to us. But whether it’s an inspirational quote or one that just makes you laugh or cry or any kind of emotion, quotes are very important to me. It’s gonna be hard to narrow down my five favourites, but I’m gonna try my best.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Quotes!

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Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well and getting some good reads in. As it’s becoming our usual routine, it’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another Top Five listing! I’m kind of excited about today’s list because everyone has their favourite books but figuring out who your favourite authors are is like Christmas morning and an epiphany all at the same time. When you have those authors that you know you can trust, that you know will never let you down, and know that you’ll always get good quality content out of, it’s just the best feeling in the book world. Now, I’ve had some experiences where I thought an author was my favourite and that they wouldn’t let me down but then they did and let me tell you, it’s the worst. When this happens you start questioning almost everything. But I’ll save that for another list and another time. Right now, we’re gonna focus on the positives so let’s get down to it.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Authors!

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Hello friends! It’s another Tuesday which means it’s time for another Top Five. I’ve noticed that a lot of other people have their own Top Tuesdays and I definitely respect that and the person who’s meme they’re all going off of. I just hope that with my own Top Five that I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes because I just really enjoy talking about some of my favourite things with you guys. So I just wanted to get that out of the way and now that I have we can get onto today’s topic! While I love series so much, nothing is better than a good standalone book. For me, while most of the NA and contemporary books I read CAN in fact be read as standalones, the only books that I truly view as standalones are ones that cannot or have not been continued in any way. I think what I love about standalones is that you know that everything will (or it should) be resolved by the end of the book and you can just enjoy all of it for what it is. Last year I spent a lot of time trying to read more standalones and I think I’ve got a pretty good list for today.

Without further ado, here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Standalones!

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Welcome to another Top Five Tuesday everyone!! Alright, so we pretty much live in a day and age where book to movie adaptations are being churned out like butter. That’s not to say that movie adaptations never existed in the previous century, because they definitely did, but it just feels like these days more and more books and series are being optioned and adapted. Some of them are good, some of them are not. In the past couple years I discovered a little secret: separate the adaptation from the book and you’ll be a happy camper. Basically what I mean by that is you learn to respect the story in both mediums and if you understand that not everything that happens in a book can 100% be translated into screen but the heart and the message of the story is still intact then you’ll be satisfied. Neat trick, eh? Ever since I discovered this little secret I’ve been so much better at handling adaptations, especially with YA which gets SO many adaptations you’d think Oprah was handing them out. Anyways, that being said let’s get down to business!

Here is this week’s Top Five Tuesday: Movie Adaptations!

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Hello everyone, it’s time for the second Top Five Tuesday!! I didn’t forget this, I promise. I actually had this week’s top five figured out for a while so kudos to me. Since last week’s Top Five was about Young Adult series, I thought it was only right to make this week’s Top Five about New Adult series!! It’s also quite fitting since I heavily focus on both series so it works from every angle. Narrowing down my top five favourite NA series was pretty hard but I think I’ve got a pretty solid list. As per last week, this week’s list will be in no particular order because I’d probably hurt myself trying to rank one above the other.

Without further ado, here is this week’s Top Five Tuesday: NA Series!
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Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s been having a good week so far. So I’ve been doing some thinking, trying to figure out ways that I could add more consistency and activity to this blog and I thought “hey, why not create a top five list?” Thus, Top Five Tuesday was born! Basically, every Tuesday (that I hopefully remember to do this) I’ll be making a top five list of my favourite series, authors, protagonists, etc, and explaining what makes them so great and why I love them so much. I’ll also make some top five lists of my LEAST favourite things (like tropes, for example) just to add a bit of variety and it’ll help you all get to know me that much more. Now remember: this is all purely my opinion and just because this is what I think doesn’t mean that I’m actually right. Anyways, shall we get down to our first Top Five??

The very first Top Five Tuesday goes to…..

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