Hello friends and happy Tuesday! We’re getting into the last few weeks of not only December but of 2017 which means it’s time to start thinking about the best, well everything, of the year! As I mentioned last week, the last few remaining Top Fives will be focusing on my “best of 2017” lists and today we will be starting with the best characters of 2017. I can’t really decide if this should be the best new characters from new releases or the best characters from anything I’ve read this year, regardless of release date, so I’m gonna try to mix it up. And in all fairness, all characters are new to me this year so there’s my loophole. It’s gonna be hard to narrow this down to just five so bear with me.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Characters of 2017!

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Hello friends and happy Monday!

Today’s Moodboard Monday is the third in our little miniseries of moodboards dedicated to one of my favourite series, Off Campus by Elle Kennedy. This third moodboard is for the third book in the series, The Score, which coincidentally happens to be my favourite book! It’s funny because when I read The Deal I had little interest in Dean Di Laurentis but as the series went on he began to grow on me and now he’s my absolute favourite. Allie is also a fantastic character and their story is amazing in so many ways.


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“Wait,” I touched his arm before he walked into the rain. “On what day are we meeting?” 
He tilted his head to the side, and the sexy smile that still invaded my dreams at night spread across his face. “I’m sure you already know the answer to that.” 


We met on a Tuesday.
Became best friends, then lovers, on a Tuesday.
And everything fell apart on a Tuesday…

Charlotte Taylor has three automatic strikes in my book: 1) She hates me. She also claims that I’m a “domineering jerk with a huge, overbearing ego.” (I do have something huge. It’s not my ego, though.) 2) She takes our mandatory tutoring sessions way too seriously. 3) She’s sexy as hell… And a virgin.

At least, those were her strikes before our study sessions started lasting longer than they were supposed to. Until one innocent kiss became a hundred dirty ones, and until she became the first woman I ever fell hard for.

Our future together after graduation was supposed to be set:
Professional football for me. Law school for her.

But she left me at the end of the semester with no explanation, and then she completely disappeared from my life.

Until tonight.

We met on a Tuesday.
Became everything, then nothing, on a Tuesday.
And now it’s seven years later, on a Tuesday…

**This is a full length second chance romance, inspired by Adele’s “When We Were Young“**

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Hello friends and happy Monday!

Today’s Moodboard Monday is part two of the miniseries of moodboards that focus on the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy, aka one of my favourite series ever. Part two focus on the second book, The Mistake, which is Logan and Grace’s story. Although this book is probably my least favourite in the series it’s still a great book with a wonderful story.


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Hello friends and happy Saturday! I know what you’re probably thinking: isn’t COTW usually done on Fridays? Yes, it usually is. But I have been crazy busy this week plus starting a new job and because I picked up a late shift last night I was beyond tired when I got home and didn’t have the energy to blog. My sincerest apologies and I promise it’ll never happen again. To be fair it’s still the same week as it would’ve been if I posted this yesterday so technically we’re still good. I have a really good character to talk about today and I’ve been wanting to do them for a while but haven’t had the opportunity yet. This character is perhaps the most inspirational character I’ve ever encountered. They’re the kind of character that you not only root for but the kind of character that makes you want to believe in yourself like they do. This character might be why I love the book they appear in so much because of how much heart they give it.

This week’s character is…..

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Hello friends and happy Monday! And happy last week of November!

For today’s Moodboard Monday, I’ve decided to do somewhat of a miniseries of moodboards. So you should all know how much I love the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy and instead of doing one giant moodboard I thought, why not do one moodboard per book? And therefore, we have our little miniseries of moodboards! We’re kicking it all off with The Deal, which is Hannah and Garrett’s story and my second favourite of the series. I’m like this close to rereading this series for like the 5th time. It’s SO good.


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Hello friends and happy Tuesday! As I was thinking about what to do for our weekly list today, it occurred to me that while I covered which book covers I love and think are beautiful I never fulfilled the promise I made of doing a counter-list, meaning the covers that I don’t like. Well, now is that time. Like I said before, I’m the type of person who judges books by their cover because sometimes you just have to. And there have even been times where a cover has been gorgeous but the book was terrible so overtime you learn that sometimes your judgement is justified. Now, it’s not that these covers are the worst in the world but they’re just not up to my particular standards. You should expect to see a lot of NA covers here because those covers are so bad. Like really, really bad. It’s the one fault of NA, in my opinion.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Worst Book Covers!

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Hello friends and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s been having a good day. I think we’ve got a fun topic for our Top Five today. If you’re a total bookworm like I am then you either constantly have people coming to you asking for recommendations or you’re the type of person who tells everyone you know to read a great book you just read. Or at least I’m like that. But whenever someone asks for recs, you always have those certain books that are your go-to recs. They’re the books that you not only want everyone else to read but they’re books that are most likely your favourite books (or if you can’t pick favourites, they’re high up on your list). I feel like I recommend a lot of books but out of all my recs, these are absolutely my go-to’s.

Here is today’s Top Five Tuesday: Book Recs!

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“God Jake, I so much more than a lot like you.”
“Mikayla, I passed that stage a long, long time ago.”



When Mikayla imagined her prom night, she envisioned a fairy-tale evening full of romance. So when betrayal and tragedy come in quick succession, Mikayla is completely destroyed. Suddenly, everything she loved and everyone she relied on are tragically, irrevocably gone.

Jake, a handsome boy she just met, happens to witness her loss. With no one to turn to, Mikayla is forced to depend on this near stranger and his family, and he in turn is determined to take care of her. But Mikayla—thrust into adulthood with no one to guide her—is desperate to contain her grief and hide what she considers to be her weakness. Mikayla and Jake both want more, but despite their growing closeness and intense chemistry, she tries to keep her distance and protect her heart. As he does everything in his power to win her trust, Mikayla must choose between remaining alone and safe or letting love in.

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Hello friends! It’s a new month which means that it’s time to see what new books will be coming out, if there are any at all, that is. October was not a good month in the new releases department for me. At least none of the authors I’ve read in the past have released anything new and there wasn’t much I was looking forward to so it was a bit of a dud. Now, looking at the November releases I don’t see too much coming out for me personally, but there seems to be a couple good ones which means that I can make this post this month. *wink*

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